Time to Tax Churches?

Times have changed. The human population has skyrocketed, and the need for funding is greater than ever. Continuing to give all churches humongous tax exemptions is an outdated provision, left over from the days of our founding fathers. This very generous tax-free existence desperately needs to be re-examined in our modern culture. Before I go … Continue reading Time to Tax Churches?

Do You Call Yourself an Environmentalist?

I desperately want to be an lights on, and use way too many disposable plastic items to call myself an environmentalist.

Art-infused Science: Thinking Outside the Box

By: Kelly Powell Art-infused science is the perfect recipe. The field of science needs great minds capable of calculating difficult equations, and testing new concepts in a logical way. However, what merit do creative people have in this world of scientific discovery? The answer, of course, is that artistic minds can inspire, motivate, and transform … Continue reading Art-infused Science: Thinking Outside the Box


The World Needs Bill Nye!

By: Kelly Powell One of the greatest science ambassadors of all time is: (drumroll please)... … Bill Nye the Science Guy! (I sang that) Bill Nye is the “Bob Ross” of science. (- Please look up Bob Ross if you don’t know who that is.) Our current leaders need to weave accurate science knowledge and … Continue reading The World Needs Bill Nye!

Let’s Talk Science!

By Kelly Powell Well, let’s face it. Planet Earth needs our help! Communicating about science and the environment has now become an important role in our society. Many people have become increasingly disconnected from scientific fact, despite the invention of the internet. According to the book, Unscientific America by Chris Mooney, a shocking 80% of … Continue reading Let’s Talk Science!

Generation F-Bomb: Profanity Goes Mainstream

By: Kelly Powell What the #$@%*is going on? It seems profanity has run rampant through the social thickets of our society. Swearing has become widespread in television, on the big screen, and has now become socially accepted within many workplaces. It is seemingly imbedded in our music, and in our everyday social interactions. Children often learn … Continue reading Generation F-Bomb: Profanity Goes Mainstream

OMG: Texting and Communication Breakdown

By: Kelly Powell And it all started with just 2-words... On December 3rd 1992, the very first text message was sent by Neil Papworth, a software engineer. It simply read, Merry Christmas. That moment marked the birth of this cultural phenomenon. Text messaging is the now the most used data service in the world, with over  … Continue reading OMG: Texting and Communication Breakdown