Let’s Talk Science!

By Kelly PowellEARTH

Well, let’s face it. Planet Earth needs our help!

Communicating about science and the environment has now become an important role in our society. Many people have become increasingly disconnected from scientific fact, despite the invention of the internet. According to the book, Unscientific America by Chris Mooney, a shocking 80% of Americans are unable to read the science section of the New York Times

Our planet has spoken…

Humans have come to a crossroads, and now have no choice but to embrace a cultural transition to sustainability. This can be a difficult task when such a vast spectrum of environmental ideologies exists in our society

Frankly, these diverse range of beliefs are holding us back from solving a variety of issues.

All citizens need to “get on the same page” so we can address our environmental threats and take appropriate action without the interference of biased and ignorant points of view that currently stop progression in its tracks.

Our environmental threats are real, make no mistake.

The resources provided by Earth are not merely commodities for humans to exploit. They are all a part of the delicate balance of our eco-systems, and ultimately determine the health of our planet.

Our own president doesn’t find merit in proven findings about climate change. This was a real turning point for me.

Communicating about science and the environment is not only my major and academic focus, it is a source of passion for me. I have always found that science, in all its forms, is quite fascinating. (I am channeling my inner Spock here.)

The green movement desperately needs advocates, just as I aspire to be, to voice the truth about our mounting pollution problems, and true causes of global warming.

(Don’t get me started on cow flatulence, and the massive amount of methane they are ejecting into the atmosphere, or the 160 gallons of water it takes to produce only one hamburger.)

Science communication is important because it translates into spreading innovation, and creates a new generation scientists. This will shift our global culture from a state of planetary destruction to using environmentally friendly practices as a social norm.

Our scientific findings, and current environmental threats need to be brought light, and spread throughout main stream media.

This is only the beginning

Changes in legislation need to be made NOW. How can citizens make informed decisions when electing our government officials, or develop a respect for our natural world if we allow this scientific gap to continue?

So much information has been horribly misconstrued out there in the mainstream. Education and communication are the only things that will drive our culture forward. This is the only path to real solutions.

Creating environmental awareness can be done by anyone willing to communicate about threats against the natural world due to human activity. As our environment continues to degrade, the fight against scientific illiteracy is alive and well.

I will continue to be a warrior and advocator of science as our ecological balance is increasingly threatened. I have grown rather attached to this planet we call home, and I’m positive I am not the only one.

Get out there, and start talking science! The world is listening.



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