The World Needs Bill Nye!

By: Kelly Powell

One of the greatest science ambassadors of all time is: (drumroll please)…

… Bill Nye the Science Guy! (I sang that)

Bill Nye is the “Bob Ross” of science. (– Please look up Bob Ross if you don’t know who that is.)

Bill_Nye_by_Gage_Skidmore (1)Our current leaders need to weave accurate science knowledge and better environmental understanding into the fabric of our society. Bill Nye’s Netflix show, Bill Saves the world, is doing just that.

Nye astounds audiences with his quirky yet accurate lessons in science. He is so entertaining, in fact, that many forget they are even learning something. Just recently, my eight year old daughter mentioned some facts about GMO’s, information she retained from watching Nye’s show. His lessons just seem to stick. More importantly, he is expanding science education in this modern era of detachment and wide-spread misinformation circling the internet.


(Photo: Bill Nye speaking at Politicon in Pasadena, California.
25 June 2016 Credit:
Gage Skidmore

This kind of entertainment is important to science by uniting environmental ideologies, promoting sustainable living, and debunking myths. Bill Nye has also inspired a new generation of scientists, strengthened the green movement, and he does it all in such an entertaining way.

 [Fun Fact: Bill Nye once took an astronomy class taught by Carl Sagan at Cornell University. This inspired Nye to follow in Sagan footsteps, and devote his life to science education.]

The world needs people like Bill Nye who proactively devote themselves to change human existence in positive ways.

Netflix is a powerful tool to promote these kinds of messages. Like never before, valuable scientific information will trickle down to voters, and can affect environmental legislation in a big way.  (Thank you, Bill!)

Let’s be honest. People are not voting for the environment, space exploration, or the pursuit of medical advancement in our elections. They are voting for the money. Scientific messages are often buried, funding is cut, and leaders emerge whom clearly do not give any merit to the natural world, finding cures, or the current state of our planetary health.

Bill Nye is sending a very different message. He aims to save the world.

Through communicating culturally sensitive and debated topics, Nye’s new show is the instrument of change that humanity needs. His popularity is now generational.

(My daughter thinks he couldn’t be anymore perfect unless he married Ms. Frizzle from the animated series, The Magic School Bus.)

Attention all teachers of science: Get on board with Bill Nye’s approach to science education. (He will make your job easier.)

Teachers are still playing Nye’s kids show from the 1990’s in local elementary schools where I live. (and it is now available on Netflix) My children think he is the greatest, not only because he is a meme, but simply put, he makes science fun. It stays with them.

Nye’s new show on Netflix is actually designed for a slightly older crowd, although I can still watch it with my children. It has cleverly recaptured his former audience from the 1990’s that have now become adults.

The rhetoric is clear and embedded with various experiments in Nye’s lab to enhance his message. His experts includes respected members of the science community, and provides contrasting scientific views when discussing solutions. It offers the truth.

Bill Nye is just what the world needs at this very moment in history. He is the ultimate example of an ambassador for positive cultural change. He really is the science guy, and remains one of our strongest voices in scientific advocacy today…

–Are you listening?

“Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back” -Bill Nye


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